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How Technology is Evolving 
the Role of Legal Operations

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Whether you’re new or experienced with legal tech and workflow automation, gain useful insights about how Legal Operations can leverage technology to overcome its many challenges so it can deliver greater value, innovation and leadership to a company and stakeholders, and become a strategic partner for the entire enterprise.

Learn what potentially transformative technologies are on the horizon (or already here), which adoption path makes the most sense, and more – from a panel of some of the most-respected experts in Legal Ops technology:

  • Kevin Clem, Managing Director and Law Department Consulting Practice Lead at HBR Consulting

  • Justin Hectus, Chief Information Officer and Chief Information Security Officer at Keesal, Young & Logan

  • Daniel W. Linna Jr., Director of LegalRnD - The Center for Legal Services Innovation, and professor of Law in Residence at Michigan State University

  • Paul Hirner, Founder and CEO at ThinkSmart, LLC

Register for this  free webinar to hear them address vital questions like...

  • How can technologies like workflow automation help Legal Ops lead an enterprise toward greater efficiency, responsiveness, compliance, security and ROI?
  • Which platform provides the “glue” that can unite an enterprise’s entire legal ecosystem?
  • Which tech is an indispensable cornerstone of digital transformation, BPM and more?
  • How can you add new life to legacy systems and meet your growth and integration demands while avoiding rip-and-replace costs?
  • What’s the real impact of Legal Ops technologies on productivity, client retention and staff morale?


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